Assamese jatiyatabadis (ethno-nationalists) continue to argue that the National Register of Citizens (NRC) exercise that was undertaken in Assam over the last two years was a necessity and must be supported. They believe that an all-India NRC would be disastrous and communal, but the Assam list, which ended up excluding 1.9 million people in its final iteration, has some “nuance” to it, which the “outsiders” do not understand.

This is a view coloured by ethno-nationalist bias. It is the direct outcome of decades of anti-immigrant, xenophobic and chauvinist propaganda pushed into the public imagination of Assam by the mainstream civil society organisations, intelligentsia and political elites. According to this view, Assam faces a demographic, cultural and economic threat from “illegal Bangladeshis”. The NRC, thus, is a much-required tool to identify them.

Ethno-nationalists of all political persuasions continue to hold this view despite the fact that the NRC process led to widespread misery, panic and anxiety amongst the most marginalised and vulnerable of Assam’s communities. The list-making exercise is also part of the same citizenship determination regime in Assam that includes the judicially-twisted Foreigner Tribunals (FTs) and the undemocratic Detention Camps. The distance between the NRC and the horrid interiors of a detention camp isn’t very big.

The NRC in Assam has to be rejected and opposed with the same insistence and ferocity as the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) 2019 and the prospective all-India NRC. In fact, it is the Assam NRC model that the government will try to emulate across the country while simultaneously building new detention facilities.

Following is a list of articles authored by some of us from Assam on how unjust, segregationist, oppressive and undemocratic the NRC process was. The list is multi-disciplinary and also touches related themes of Assamese ethno-nationalism (from which the NRC derives its core legitimacy), the Indian citizenship framework, statelessness and the recently-enacted CAA.

  1. The Myth of anti-secular protests in Assam, Eleventh Column, 9th August 2020 / Suraj Gogoi & Abhinav P Borboa.
  2. Refusal, Romanticism and Ground Realities in Northeast India, Borderlines, 22 May 2020 / Suraj Gogoi.
  3. Suddenly Stateless Conversation Series V: “Procedure as Violence”, Polis Project, Suchitra Vijayan in conversation with Suraj Gogoi.
  4. An Open Letter To Noam Chomsky ON CAA, NPR, NRC, Countercurrents, 20 February 2020 / Angshuman Choudhury & Suraj Gogoi
  5. Covid-19 pandemic is an opportunity for Assam to correct the historical wrong, Polis Project, 9th April 2020 / Arijit Sen.
  6. All Assam Students’ Union, Anti CAA protests and lack of women’s representation, Countercurrents, 7 February 2020 / Bhargabi Das & Sutputra Radheye
  7. Assam NRC exercise and citizenship determination drive hold warning to other states of the shape of things to come, Firstpost, 30 January 2020 / Angshuman Choudhury
  8. All Assam Students’ Union, Anti CAA protests and lack of women’s representation,
    Countercurrents, Feb 7, 2020/ Sutputra Radheye
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  11. The Indian State’s approach to CAA-NRC is flawed, Hindustan Times, Jan 21 2020/ Suraj Gogoi
  12. Does the CAA legalise exclusion?, People’s Review, Jan 20, 2020/ Prasenjit Biswas
  13. CAA and Laws in the Making in Northeast India, Newsclick, Jan 20, 2020/ Prasenjit Biswas
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  16. NRC: The state as a dehumanized machine, The Telegraph, 14  Nov 2019/ Bhargabi Das
  17. Assam’s NRC consensus: Lack of public disorder after draft didn’t mean absence of violence, Scroll, 23 Dec 2019 / Suraj Gogoi & Abhinav P Borbora
  18. Assam cabinet nod to accord stature of state language to Assamse may striffle growth of other tongue spoken, Firstpost, 23 Dec 2019/ Samyak Ghosh & Suraj Gogoi
  19. AASU return to centre stage as Assamese elites, commoners, repose faith in student body to lead fight against CAA, Firstpost, 18 Dec 2019, Abhinav P Borbora & Suraj Gogoi
  20. Citizenship Amendment Act and NRC are two sides of same coin; both seek to alienate India’s MuslimsFirstpost, 17 Dec 2019 / Angshuman Choudhury & Suraj Gogoi
  21. Why Assamese are against CABMumbai Mirror, 11 Dec 2019 / Angshuman Choudhury
  22. Why is the Indian state shockingly blind to the problem of statelessness?,, 30 Oct 2019 / Angshuman Choudhury
  23. Psychology behind NRC mirrors narrow, dominating side of Assamese language, and its fragile nationalism, cultural identityFirstpost, 20 Oct 2019 / Suraj Gogoi
  24. The NRC’s spillover effect, Himal Southasian, 14 Oct 2019 / Suraj Gogoi & Rohini Sen
  25. How my mother briefly became an illegal immigrant in IndiaChannel NewsAsia, 10 Oct 2019 / Angshuman Choudhury
  26. Patriarchal Worlds of Contemporary Assamese Nationalism, Raiot, Sep 13, 2019/ Pooja Kalita & Prithiraj Borah
  27. A narrow nationalism againThe Hindu, 12 Sept 2019 / Angshuman Choudhury & Suraj Gogoi
  28. Re-contextualising the NRC: A Response to Hiren GohainCountercurrents, 10 Sept 2019 / Suraj Gogoi & Angshuman Choudhury
  29. Counting to Segreggate: Behind Assam’s National Register of Citizens (NRC)South Asia Journal, 6 Sept 2019/ Angshuman Choudhury
  30. The State needs identity politics so that its agenda can surviveThe Telegraph, 6 Sept 2019 / Rintu Borah & Suraj Gogoi
  31. The NRC signals a deeper crisis of citizenshipHindustan Times, 3 Sept 2019 / Suraj Gogoi
  32. What the spam dossier on journalists and activists covering NRC tells us about Assamese SupremacyNewslaundry, 28 Aug 2019 / Angshuman Choudhury & Suraj Gogoi
  33. National Register of Citizens (NRC) – A Synonym for Deep AnxietyThe Citizen, 19 Aug 2019 / Abhinav P Borbora, Suraj Gogoi & Angshuman Choudhury
  34. Miyah poetry row: How to read public statements against the backdrop of the backlash, Firstpost, Aug 08, 2019/ Yengkhom Jilangamba
  35. Miyah poetry row in Assam: Analysing the pushback through lens of attitude towards marginalised, Firstpost, Jul 30, 2019/ Gorky Chakraborty
  36. Ex-Assam guv SK Sinha’s report on illegal immigration in state is riddled with contradictions, dubious dataFirstpost, 29 July 2019 / Angshuman Choudhury
  37. Language Games of Assam: The Mainstream vs the MarginsIndian Cultural Forum, 17 July 2019 / Parag Jyoti Saikia, Suraj Gogoi & Angshuman Choudhury
  38. Mainstream ‘progressives’ in Assam are actually liberal hegemonsNewslaundry, 16 July 2019 / Angshuman Choudhury
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  41. Miyah Poetry in the time of  Nationalism, The Wire, 14 Jul 2019, Rintu Borah & Prithiraj Borah
  42. Complains of low exclusions from NRC reflects a mode of thinking, Countercurrents, 17 Sept 2019/ Abhinav P. Borbora
  43. Home Minister Amit Shah expands Foreigner Tribunals across IndiaAsia Times, 14 June 2019 / Angshuman Choudhury
  44. With Anti-Immigrant Stance, Are We Becoming A ‘Gardening State’?The Quint, 13 June 2019 / Suraj Gogoi & Angshuman Choudhury
  45. In the Guise of Protest Music, Assamese Artists Churn out Hate SpeechThe Wire, 9 May 2019 / Suraj Gogoi & Abhinav P Borbora
  46. What Do Walls in Guwahati Tell Us About Its People and Their History?The Wire, 14 April 2019 / Samyak Ghosh & Suraj Gogoi
  47. Debate: The Real ‘Burning Questions’ of AssamThe Wire, 14 March 2019 / Suraj Gogoi, Parag Jyoti Saikia, Gorky Chakraborty & Abhinav P Borbora
  48. It’s time we talk about racism in AssamNewslaundry, 5 Feb 2019 / Suraj Gogoi
  49. Citizenship Bill: JPC report shows how proposed law violates constitutional principles of equality before lawFirstpost, 25 Jan 2019 / Angshuman Choudhury & Jonmani Das
  50. Citizenship Determinational Processes in Assam: The NRC and BeyondInstitute of Peace and Conflict Studies (Special Report), October 2018 / Angshuman Choudhury (pages 5-8)
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  52. Underprivileged risk losing citizenship in India’s NRC driveAsia Times, 1 Aug 2018 / Angshuman Choudhury
  53. My Mother Can Fight Her NRC Exclusion, but What About the Rest?Bloomberg Quint, 1 Aug 2018 / Angshuman Choudhury
  54. The NRC and Legal Voids in Statelessness in IndiaThe Envoy, 11 July 2018 / Angshuman Choudhury
  55. NRC Assam: Sarbananda Sonowal, Himanta Biswa Sarma warn ‘illegal foreigners’ but overlook constitutional obligationFirstpost, 4 May 2018 / Angshuman Choudhury
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  58. Strikes have become test-cases for freedom of space in AssamAsia Times, 23 Jan 2019/ Suraj Gogoi
  59. A lack of citizenship will produce second class citizensAsia Times, 7 Feb 2019/ Suraj Gogoi
  60. Dissent over citizenship bill causes havoc, Asia Times, 8 Feb 2019/ Suraj Gogoi and Shyamal Chakma
  61. Professor  Hiren Gohain, Let’s talk about Assam againThe Wire, 13 Feb 2019/ Gorky Chakraborty, Suraj Gogoi and Paraj Jyoti Saikia
  62. Citizenship Bill: The other in AssamThe Statesman, 25 Feb 2019/ Suraj Gogoi  and Prasenjit Biswas
  63. Waiting for citizenship: a global phenomenaAsia Times. 12 Mar 2019/ Suraj Gogoi and Paraj Jyoti Saikia
  64. In Assam, Nostalgia shelters Assam Gana Parishad’s flexible regional beliefsThe Wire. 21 Mar 2019/ Suraj Gogoi and Abhinav P. Borbora
  65. NRC Updation Ends: 19 lakh Indians are not Indians anymorePune Mirror, 1 Sept 2019/ Suraj Gogoi
  66. The silence of the media: National Register Of Citizens in Assam, Newslaundry, 2 Jul 2018/ Parag Jyoti Saikia & Suraj Gogoi
  67. The rise of Philistines in Assam, Newslaundry, 16  Jul 2018/ Parag Jyoti Saikia & Suraj Gogoi
  68. How NRC legitimised xenophobia and chauvinism in Assam, Newslaundry, 2 Aug 2018/ Parag Jyoti Saikia & Suraj Gogoi
  69. A Reply to Dr. Hiren Gohain, Countercurrents, 11 Aug 2018/ Suraj Gogoi and Parag Jyoti Saikia
  70. NRC Muddle: vigilante students union and India’s borderlands, Asia Times, 23 Aug 2018/ Suraj Gogoi
  71. NRC and Intellectual Racism, Sabrang, 29 Aug 2018/ Suraj Gogoi and Parag Jyoti Saikia
  72. Re-imagining Assamese identity under the shadow of NRCAsia Times, 31 Aug 2018/ Suraj Gogoi
  73. A Register most flawedFountain ink, 8 Oct 2018/ Parag Jyoti Saikia & Suraj Gogoi
  74. Intellectuals shaping a Narrow Homogenous identity in Assam, Asia Times, 29 Oct 2018/ Suraj Gogoi
  75. Latest Killings put spotlight on Assamese nationalismAsia Times, 13 Nov 2018/ Suraj Gogoi

This list is non-exhaustive and will be continuously updated.

Featured image: Tombstone in memory of Ananta Biswas, Abhinash Biswas, Shyamlal Biswas, Subal Das and Dhananjay Namasudra who were gunned down by unidentified personnels in Kherbari in Sadiya in 2018.